Terms & Conditions

We are committed to our services. We are offering great services to our customers.

All our registered members agree to all kinds of terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions for vendors

1) All the vendors will make their 10% commission within 48 hrs to the DLP group, otherwise, we have all rights to deactivate their account.

2) This is not any kind of money-making business. We commit what we have listed on our website and application. All the vendors will make payment to the DLP group and we provide repeated customers to them.

3) One time membership fee will be applicable for any kind of vendors and membership will be renewed every year.

4) There will be no refund policy applied if any vendor paid their customers commission. If any mater will found such this, DLP group will not be responsible for that.

5) If any vendor is found in any illegal activities then DLP group will have all the rights to make any kind of legal action as per laws into their office.

6) Vendors are treated as digital signed while they signup after reading our all terms and conditions. So they will follow our neat and clean business model without any issue.


Terms & Conditions for customers

1) All the users are agreed to follow our terms and conditions while they signup.

2) DLP group provides Upto 50% cashback* as per business model

3% of the DLP = Instant cashback when vendor approve bills

6% of the DLP = When DLP raise 3 times higher

12% of DLP = When DLP raise 9 times higher

39% of DLP = When DLP raise 36 times higher

All the customers agree to follow as per the given model. There will be no dispute or mater will be appeared in the future. They agree these terms and conditions during their signup.

3) If any customer is found in any violence or any kind of misbehaving mater, DLP group will have the right to terminate their account immediately.

4) Customers can upload direct bills to the DLP vendor after paying 10% + GST (18%) commission, In that case customer will be responsible for that bill.

5) The product will be purchased by DLP vendors after physically verified by customers, if any dispute found regarding any product, the customer will directly discuss to the vendor in that mater.


Note: DLP group is a platform to connect users to the vendors to boost the vendor's business. We never commit any kind of wrong promises. We also suggest to beware of the marketing fraud calls.